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Privacy Policy


All images on www.jillsphoto.com are property of Jill's Fine Photography. You may only use images with the expressed written consent of Jill's Fine Photography authorities. Please use the contact page to request permission.


This Web site is used as a repository of information about Jill's Fine Photography's projects and services for the general public. Jill's Fine Photography does not use cookies to enhance this Web site or identify individual users. You do not need cookies to be enabled to visit this site.


While Jill's Fine Photography will make every attempt to protect the personal information that you share with us, electronic mail is not secure against interception. If your communication is very sensitive, you may want to contact us by telephone or postal mail instead.

Contact Form

Jill's Fine Photography web site utilizes form driven automated email for your convenience. By sending messages to Jill's Fine Photography using the contact form you are agreeing to act in accordance with standard email etiquette, refrain from using fowl language and will not use it for harmful or unlawful purposes.

Please ask before using copyrighted material

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